Tourist places to visit in Merida - Yucatan work

Tourist places to visit in Merida

Places inside the city of merida to visit

  • A walk through the walk of Montejo: The Paseo de Montejo was built in the year 1904, during the era in which Mexico lived a strong influence of European architecture and culture. Named after Francisco de Montejo, conqueror of Yucatan, it is currently the main artery of Merida. It is inspired by the French boulevards, presenting certain similarities with the Champs Elysees in Paris and the Paseo de la Reforma in Mexico City. Around this avenue the well-to-do of the locality settled down, beautifying it with beautiful mansions, between which they emphasize the Canton Palace and the Quinta Molina.
  • Palacio de Canton: This place nowadays is a museum which you can enter to visit and observe the colonial architecture.
  • Take a walk in "Calandrias": A calandria a horse-drawn carriage this is through the main streets of the Historical Center of the city of merida yucatan will allow you to know, from another angle, several buildings, monuments and squares of the "white capital". this is expensive and its per people the price..

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